Lycan Arms, LLC

What we are all about

Lycan Arms, LLC is a high quality manufacturer of firearm components and accessories.  We use state of the art equipment and processes to ensure only the best products are shipped to our customers.  At Lycan Arms, we raise the bar.  Not only for quality, but for imagination.  We have product designs you won’t find anywhere else.  While we can’t guarantee results, people who upgraded their firearm with Lycan products also saw increased performance.  What we can guarantee is the way you will feel.  We have a 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy.  We know you will love the way your firearm looks, feels, and sounds when you take it to the range.  Go ahead…. show it off.

We machine all our products from only the best stock.  We use solid blanks of material otherwise known as billet to manufacture our products.  Machining parts in this way frees us from any limitation that comes with designing parts around forgings or castings.

Thought and care go into every product.  Every order is inspected before going into the box and being shipped to the customer.  At Lycan it is about becoming more.  It’s about being exceptional and going the extra mile.  We do this by instilling a customer first approach into everyone that walks thru the doors of Lycan.  We have a staff that is second to none.  In the event there is an issue with your order, we have the best people and support staff to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products, or with help placing your order.

Lycan Arms, LLC does not currently have a Federal Firearms License(FFL).  We currently do not sell any products that require a FFL.  All products advertised and displayed on our website do not require us to ship to a licensed FFL because none of the products are considered firearms and are not regulated under Federal law.  However, it is the customer’s responsibility to be knowledgeable of their state and local laws before purchasing.  When you are ready to purchase, every product listed on our website can be shipped directly to your door.  How great is that?  There is no hassle of having to drive to a local FFL dealer, pickup, and sign for your order.  There are also no long forms to fill out.  Just a simple checkout process and your Lycan products will be sitting at your door in a matter of days.  Go ahead, give us a try.  Allow us to make a believer out of you.  Here at Lycan, we dare you to BECOME MORE!


Your Lycan Team

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